Geneseo Prairie Park

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This trail system contains mountain bike trails, which can become soft and are easily damaged after 0.75 or more inches of rain or long stretches of wet weather. Please consult QC Friends of Off-Road Cycling (FORC),, to make sure trails are open before heading out.

Trailhead Information

Geneseo Prairie Park is located 2 miles north of Geneseo, IL on IL-82 just before the Hennepin Canal. There are three locations to access the trails at the park:

  • Grass parking lot near the entrance to the burn pit off of Roos Hill Rd (recommended).
  • Small parking lot off of IL-82 in the prairie area.
  • Parking lot near the Izaac Walton League Cabin.


Geneseo Prairie Park is located on the northern outskirts of Geneseo across from the Hennepin Canal Parkway Trail. There are about 55 acres of forested and restored prairie land at the park with about 3 miles of doubletrack/singletrack hiking and mountain biking trails.

Most sections of trail are easily ridden on a mountain bike -- expect a couple punchy climbs that might require a dismount, some tight loose corners, and a few small trail features. Soils at the park are very sandy which lends itself well to fat bikes and quick dry times after rain. The existing trails are not well signed but trail maps are posted near common access points. The trails are laid out in a network with many intersections in the forested area. It's possible to stitch together a large loop that will incorporate most of the trails.

Most bikers will want to avoid the Ike's Fen trail (closest to the canal) because it has many muddy areas, slick narrow boardwalks, and a railroad tie stairway that requires a hike-a-bike.

Other Information

Operating Hours

  • Year-round Hours: Sunrise - Sunset

The Quad Cities Friends of Off-Road Cycling (QC FORC) helps to maintain these trails and is in the process of building new trails in this park. Please contact them to get involved. They also provide information online about trail conditions and open/closed status for mountain biking in different trail networks. 

Elevation Profile

The elevation profile above approximates terrain along the specified section of trail and is provided for general information. Use your best judgment to choose trails with elevation changes to match your comfort level. See QC Trails Terms of Use for more information.

Trail Manager

Contact the Geneseo Park District for more information:

City of Geneseo, Illinois

City of Geneseo, Illinois
Geneseo Park District
541 East North Street
Geneseo, IL 61254
Phone: (309) 944-5695


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