We all know we could get out and Move More, but how can you be a part of the QC Trails’ effort to make this happen?

Be an example! Use to find trails and use the trails yourself. Encourage others to use QC Trails and get out on a trail, regardless of their level of physical fitness. Talk about trails in your conversations with family, friends, co-workers, and even the friendly clerk at your local market. Anyone can be open to a trail experience. Tell them about a new trail you discovered or a fun outing you and your family had together.

Share on social media. “Like” and “follow” the QC Trails Facebook page. Share the QC Trails Facebook page and posts with your friends. If you work for an organization that uses Facebook, encourage them to like, follow, and share the QC Trails page and posts. When you earn a badge, share your accomplishments on your social media network, via the handy sharing tools on QC Trails. Also, don’t forget to use the sharing widget below and to the right of a trail map to quickly share the link to a specific trail you enjoy.

Promote QC Trails through your organization. Encourage your organization or business to promote QC Trails via its newsletters, blogs, website, and social media. Please Contact Us (or see below) if you’d like to use the QC Trails logo or receive content to share via your various media outlets.

Start a workplace wellness group. Use QC Trails to find places for your newly formed or existing workplace wellness group to get out for a breath of fresh air and a walk, run, bike ride, or even paddle! You’ll get healthier together and might even get to know each other better. Best of all, you’ll get a break from work!

Keep trail information current. If you know of any trail closures, re-routing, or potential hazards, create a free user account and add a comment to the appropriate trail. Add your own photos to trail postings – let others see how awesome our trails are! Know of a new trail we missed?  Use our Contact Us form.

Join or volunteer with a trail group. There are many trail enthusiasts in the area. Find a group and participate! Help build new trails. Clear trash or invasive species from existing trails. Go on group walks or rides. Make new friends. The possibilities are endless!

Join our cause! If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved in supporting QC Trails, contact us directly:

  • For QC Trails outreach, support, and education, contact Nicole CarknerExecutive Director, Quad City Health Initiative, 563.421.2815.
  • For trail information or updates, contact Bryan Schmid, Trails Planner, Bi-State Regional Commission, 309.793.6300 x1123.

Trail Tips

Snack Attack

Bring along a small snack in case you get hungry or feel a drop in energy while exercising.

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