Windmont Park Trails

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Trailhead Information

The trail can be accessed from multiple locations along Beach Street. There are also two parking lots, allowing for easy accessing to the trails.


The trails at Windmont Park provide the perfect place for cardiovascular activity. The trails total over half a mile and wind around the park pond. Windmont Park includes multiple amenities such as tennis courts, a softball field, playgrounds, picnic areas, benches/swings, a fishing dock, and more. There are also 3 open pagodas and a shelter house than can be rented. Please visit for more information. Anglers can enjoy fishing from the pond (Illinois State fishing regulations apply).

Other Information

Since 2018, the playgrounds include a wheelchair accessible swing and a generation swing, both donated by the Kewanee Elk's Club. These improvements make the park a fun place for everyone to enjoy.

Trail Manager

Kewanee Park District
1095 Cambridge Rd.
PO Box 424
Kewanee, Illinois 61443
Tel: 309-852-2872
Fax: 309-853-4530


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