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We all use trails for different reasons -- recreation, fitness, solitude, family fun, commuting. Some of us walk, run, and bike every day. Others of us get out on occasion. Whatever motivates you to get up and out, QC Trails gives you the chance to showcase all your on-trail accomplishments.

When you use your personal account to save Trail Logs for completed trails, QC Trails will award you badges as you complete different trail challenges. All active badges that can be earned are shown on the Current Badges page. Badges that you have earned are listed in the My Badges section of your account and appear in the order that you received them. You will also receive an email from QC Trails every time you earn a new badge.

Earning badges is all based on the honor system and your trail log reports. Did you really hike 10 miles yesterday, or did it just feel like that? It's on your conscience.

Wear your badges with pride! And don't hesitate to brag just a little bit. Use QC Trails' social media sharing links to tell your friends about your accomplishments and general awesomeness!

Keep an eye out for notifications about new QC Trails badge challenges. QC Trails is partnering with local organizations to offer new badges throughout the year.


Trail Tips

Prevent Lyme Disease

Avoid walking in long grasses, wear long pants/sleeves, use insect repellents, and check yourself for ticks regularly.

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