Eldridge/Long Grove Trail

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Trailhead Information

Perfect for students of North Scott High School commuting to class, the trail begins at Blackhawk Trail Road and follows S 1st Street North, past Sheridan Meadows Park, reaching Long Grove and terminating at E Grove Road.


The Eldridge/Long Grove Trail is a paved, separated trail connecting the cities of Eldridge and Long Grove, Iowa.  In Eldridge, a spur to the east provides safe pedestrian and bicycling access along E. LeClaire Road.  North Scott High School is located on the west side of the trail as well.  Trail users will also pass through Sheridan Meadows Park in Eldridge as the trail heads northward through beautiful Iowa farm fields to Long Grove, Iowa.  In Long Grove, the separated trail provides safe pedestrian and bicycling access along S. 1st Street adjacent to residential neighborhoods. The asphalt and concrete trail is ideal for family outings, a quiet evening stroll, or longer distance walks, runs, or biking.

This trail also includes two fitness stations nearby.  Genesis Power Sports Performance invites you to take a break from the trail and tackle the Genesis HealthBeat outdoor fitness system, where you can enjoy the best of the gym in the great outdoors. From plyometrics to Tai Chi, the nine-station HealthBeat system provides an outdoor circuit training experience with cardiovascular, strength training, endurance, and flexibility benefits. People of all fitness levels can start with exercises shown on the instructional signage at each station, and then create more challenging workouts by varying their activities.

Other Information

The Eldridge/Long Grove Trail is part of the historically significant Cody Trail, a 25.5 mile marked route, named for Buffalo Bill Cody, an Indian Scout, buffalo hunter, and Wild West showman. Cody was born in nearby LeClaire, Iowa, and later moved into rural Scott County.

Elevation Profile

The elevation profile above approximates terrain along the specified section of trail and is provided for general information. Use your best judgment to choose trails with elevation changes to match your comfort level. See QC Trails Terms of Use for more information.

Trail Managers

Visit the Cities of Eldridge or Long Grove online for more information or contact:

City of Eldridge, Iowa

City of Eldridge, Iowa
305 North Third Street
Eldridge, IA 52748
Phone: (563) 285-4841

City of Long Grove, Iowa

City of Long Grove, Iowa
P.O. Box 210
104 South 1st Street
Long Grove, IA 52756
Phone: (563) 285-4904


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Nicole Grohoski - September 19, 2017

Great trail!

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