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This trail system contains mountain bike trails, which can become soft and are easily damaged after 0.75 or more inches of rain or long stretches of wet weather. Please consult QC Friends of Off-Road Cycling (FORC),, to make sure trails are open before heading out.

Trailhead Information

Just North of Hampton, IL on IL-84 or 2.2 miles west of I-80 on IL-84 (take the first/last exit entering/exiting Illinois).


The trail system is made up of five miles of purpose-built single track trail which will satisfy riders of all abilities. The trails follow the natural contours of the parks terrain with many overlooks of the Mississippi River Valley and the parks deep ravines. One large ravine divides the park separating the trails into two distinct systems: the North and South loops.

  • North Loop: Many of the trails on this side of the park provide riders with greater technical and physical challenge. Tight corners, exposed roots, and steeper grades are sure to get your heart pumping. The overlook trail meanders along one of the highest bluffs in the area and has the best views of the Mississippi River Valley in the park.
  • South Loop: This section of trail has great flow with minimal elevation change and is sure to put a smile on your face. Banked corners, scenic views, and ruins of old park structures are some of the features you will encounter. Be sure to ride the section behind the salt dome both ways, you will think you are going downhill the whole time.

At Illiniwek, you can't get away from climbing but what goes up must come down! Two one minute long flowy downhill runs at opposite ends of the park make the grind to the top worth it (beware of limited sight-lines around corners!). Or if climbing is your thing, it's easy to push your heart, legs, and lungs to their limit with two sustained climbs each with gains around 100 feet. One complete lap of the trails is close to 350 feet of elevation gain.

Travel Direction: Uphill and downhill trails have been signed for one-way only travel. Other trails at Illiniwek have recently been signed for alternating direction by day to make the trail experience more enjoyable for all users. Cyclists and pedestrians should travel in the same direction to minimize surprise encounters. The upper loops are signed as follows:

  • Pink Blazes - Counter Clockwise (CCW) on Mon., Wed., Fri., and Sun.
  • Blue Blazes - Clockwise (CW) on Tues., Thurs., and Sat.

Trails are generally open daily 1/2 hour before sunrise and close 1/2 hour after sunset, but are closed to all users when wet and muddy to prevent damage. Trail closures are controlled by Illiniwek Park for current conditions you can check the Friends of Off-Road Cycling website, call the park office at (309) 203-1404, or check the Illiniwek Facebook Page. Trails are typically closed for 24 hours or more after 0.20" or greater rainfall and during freeze thaw cycles in winter months as necessary.


Other Information

Operating Hours & Seasons

  • Preserve Summer Hours: 6AM - 10PM
  • Preserve Winter Hours: 7AM - Sunset
  • Campground Office Hours (April-October):  
    • 4PM - 10PM (Mon-Thurs)
    • 8AM - 10PM (Fri-Sat)
    • 8AM - 6PM (Sun)

In 1944 the Rock Island County Forest Preserve Commissioners purchased a 174-acre tract of land along the Mississippi River shoreline east of Hampton, IL for $40,000. This land was owned by Albert Oltman and was known as the Oltman tract farm. The Oltman tract was believed to be a popular place for Indian gatherings, so the Forest Preserve was given the name of Illiniwek, which means “favorite Indian spot.”

Elevation Profile

The elevation profiles above approximate terrain along the specified sections of trail and are provided for general information. Use your best judgment to choose trails with elevation changes to match your comfort level. See QC Trails Terms of Use for more information.

Trail Manager

Visit the Rock Island County Forest Preserve District online for more information about the park. To learn more about the mountain bike trails, visit Friends of Off-Road Cycling online.

Rock Island County Forest Preserve District

Rock Island County Forest Preserve District
19406 Loud Thunder Road
Illinois City, IL 61259
Phone: (309) 795-1040


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