North Marquette Dog Park Trails

Trailhead Information

The trailhead is located on the west side of N Marquette St in the 4400 block (near the intersection of Marquette St and Canterbury Ln). It features an informational kiosk and can be found north of the gated dog park near the street.

Street parking and accessible parking is available.

From the south, the park is accessible via Marquette St from US 6 (Kimberly Rd), Duck Creek Parkway, Central Park Ave, Locust St, and downtown Davenport. North of the trailhead, Marquette St terminates north of 46th St, which provides access from Northwest Blvd, Brady St/Welcome Way, and the Goose Creek Bike Path to the east.


Enjoy the easy-flowing beginner-level (green) trails which skirt the edge of the woods and Robin Creek, or get lost in the wilderness with the mid-level (blue) cross-country trails and an array of dirt berms. For those wanting to test their mettle, The Dog Park is best known for its heavily featured (and easily sessionable) difficult (black) trails, with enough features and enough jumps to satisfy even the most seasoned rider while allowing newer riders a chance to learn.

Other Information

Always check the trail open and closure status before arriving. Trail status can be found on the QC Friends of Off-Road Cycling website in the left pane. Using trails while they are closed (wet) causes damage and rutting, so please stay off when closed!

The Dog Park was built and is maintained through volunteer labor and donations. If you’d like to donate, lend a hand, or keep up to date on the latest, visit our Facebook group.

Trail Manager

City of Davenport, Iowa

City of Davenport, Iowa
700 W River Dr
Davenport, IA 52802
Phone: (563) 328-7275


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