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Trailhead Information

The primary trailhead is located next to the Good Samaritan Society in Davenport. To access this site from downtown Davenport, follow West 4th Street west until it ends, turn left on Telegraph Road, then take the first right onto Waverly Road. After 0.5 miles, turn left at the sign for the Good Samaritan Society onto the access road. The trailhead is at the far end of the parking lot on the left.


The Schuetzen Park was founded in 1870 as a shooting park, or "Schuetzenpark" by Davenport's German-American population. Over the years, many amenities were added including an inn, a zoo, a roller coaster, and a music pavilion. While most of these buildings have not survived, visitors can see a 1911 streetcar waiting pavilion near the primary trailhead. The park is now maintained as a nature and recreation area that also hosts events. Several trails of varying lengths loop their way through the woods.

Other Information

Operating Hours

  • Year-round Hours: Dawn - Dusk

Bicycles and motorized vehicles are not permitted in the park. Hunting is also banned. More information about the park and its history can be found at the park's website.

Trail Manager

The park is administered by the Schuetzenpark Gilde.

Schuetzenpark Gilde

Schuetzenpark Gilde
Schuetzen Park
c/o 3401 Schuetzen Lane #224
Davenport, IA 52804
Phone: (563) 449-2358


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